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Test Documentation Review Within a Testing Team. Part 1

OKQA. Test documentation review within a testing team. Part 1
OKQA. Test documentation review within a testing team. Part 1

How to set up the process when several QA engineers are working on a project? Why is it so important? What approach we have worked out and actively use inside our team?

Test documentation is one of the most essential, even vital tools of the QA specialist.

Taking into account its importance, logically a question appears: how to improve the quality of test documentation, especially for the team with several QA engineers, since each of them will have and be working with his own set of test docs?

It’s a common practice to hire a QA team of two or more specialists for a big project. As this takes place, each specialist reviews and is responsible for his own part of functionality. What could be better? All that stuff with personal responsibility, and the fact that a specialist there is like a fish in the water.

But let’s imagine a situation when a QA engineer goes on a vacation or takes a sick leave. Reasonably, his colleague will cover him temporarily taking on the testing of his functionality set. This is where difficulties begin.

One may think no way! This is the same project. Common, what difficulties we’re talking about?

But you’ll be surprised to learn how much time it takes to figure out all the aspects, even if there is test documentation. How to find the solution? Read more here to find out.


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