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E-commerce Audit Services. Comprehensive Guide from the OKQA Team

E-commerce Audit Services. Comprehensive Guide from the OKQA Team
OKQA. E-commerce Audit Services. Comprehensive Guide from the OKQA Team

Who does not shop online these days? As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, more and more businesses are investing in e-commerce platforms. However, with this growth comes the need for proper management and maintenance of these platforms. This is where e-commerce audit services come in. Let’s explore their importance and how they can help businesses improve and boost their online sales.

Introduction to E-commerce Audit Services

Basically, an e-commerce audit is aimed at evaluating and analyzing a business’s e-commerce platform to identify areas of improvement and potential risks. These services help businesses to maintain and optimize their online stores and shopping platforms, resulting in improved customer experiences, increased sales, and reduced risks.

Benefits of E-commerce Audit Services

  1. Improved and seamless user experience, raised customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Increased sales. E-commerce audit services pinpoint deficiencies and chances for refinement to guarantee a hassle-free customer experience along the essential sales path.

  3. Mitigation of risks and negative feedback. Spot probable threats before your customers do it. Problems with the online store functionality, accessibility, and compatibility problems can not only damage your business reputation and credibility. Get ready to spend an additional budget on issues fixing. So, when there is a chance to avoid all the headaches, why not use it?

  4. Competitive advantage. A well-audited e-commerce platform or an online store gives businesses a competitive advantage by offering customers an exceptional shopping experience.

Types of E-commerce Audit Services

OKQA. Types of e-commerce audit  you can opt for
OKQA. Types of e-commerce audit you can opt for

How the OKQA Team Can Help

There is always room for improvement. An outside perspective on a solution that generates your income is a good option if you want to fine-tune key sales flows and detect bottlenecks in customer paths. The OKQA team offers comprehensive e-commerce audit services that cover all aspects of an e-commerce solution and are focused on:

1. Customer experience to uncover key usability issues, provide recommendations to build the right scenarios for user actions and enhance engagement and conversion.

  • Alignment of design and typography

  • Main UX flows for navigation and interfaces

  • Adaptability for mobile devices, major browsers, and OS.

2. Functionality assessment to analyze the functionality within the major purchase-sales workflows, prepare feedback from the end-user perspective, identify issues, and present suggestions for quality enhancement.

  • Main forms

  • Site navigation

  • Product detail page

  • Shopping cart and payment

  • Product search

  • Product sorting, filtering

  • Wishlist, comparison list, etc.

3. Security and stability audit to evaluate the platform for vulnerabilities and potential security breaches, its speed, responsiveness, overall performance, and its accessibility for people with disabilities.

  • OWASP Top 10-based security testing

  • Basic performance testing

  • Accessibility testing.

4. Custom audits that cater to specific business needs and requirements: SEO audit, sales and conversion triggers audit, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to have a more estimation for your e-commerce solutions, book free consultation with our QA manager.


E-commerce audits provide a variety of benefits and are crucial for business owners who want to optimize their online stores and boost profitability. A comprehensive review can help identify areas of improvement to enhance the customer experience, streamline processes, and increase sales.

Additionally, audits can identify potential security risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, protecting both the business and its customers. The benefits of e-commerce audits extend beyond short-term gains, providing long-term strategic advantages that can lead to sustained growth and success.


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