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How to Develop Test Documentation Based on Customer’s Requirements?

OKQA. Test Documentation Based on Customer’s Requirements.
OKQA. Test Documentation Based on Customer’s Requirements.

One of our fellow-partners inspired us for this post. He was planning the MVP release and reached out to our team to set up the testing process under the conditions of constantly changing requirements, limited budget, agile approaches, and maintained up-to-date project documentation.

The first question of our partner was how to build test documentation to run the verification of new features, developed within the two weeks sprint, and stay sure that these very features won’t impact or provoke bugs in the main functionality?

(Meaning we’ll need to pay due attention to integration testing as well.)

But challenges and difficulties make us more experienced, right?

Thus, considering the requirements we have offered and already started implementing the approach that implies the creation of two sets of checks:

  • The first one is a kind of approval checklist that verifies the functionality developed within a sprint. Here the estimate for testing within one sprint (8–10 hours) has been agreed.

Sounds interesting? To discover next steps, read more here.


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