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OKQA. Manual mobile and web testing of an online marketplace of industrial machinery and services.

Online marketplace of industrial machinery and services

Goal of the project
The client reached out to our team when the solution was already released as a fully functional project study. It was necessary to test the marketplace of industrial machinery, equipment, and services from scratch in Laravel, review code functionality and quality (structure, documentation, etc.), review the solution usability along with the general business workflow.


The outcome
Since the project was still under development and all QA activities we conducted in iterations following the developer's work, a QA engineer was dedicated for the on-demand testing. Working on the project was performed functional, regression, and UI testing on desktop and mobile devices. Among the main functional blocks, the QA Engineer tested the payment process, creation of entities, their integration, interaction with the admin part of the project.

Services provided: Test documentation development, functional, UI, integration, usability, performance, beta, API, regression testing for web and mobile.
Tech stack: Android app, iOS app, GitLab.

OKQA. Mobile (Android and iOS) and web testing testing of an Uber-like app.

Uber-like app with a web panel and mobile apps (Android, iOS) for drivers and passengers

Goal of the project
To check the app under real-life conditions, it was of critical importance to perform all testing activities moving around the city. Moreover, it was necessary to set up an interaction between all application components (mobile app and a server part) and carry out testing scenarios simultaneously for a passenger and a driver.

The outcome
The solution testing, divided into iterations, was conducted throughout the project development and up to the final delivery to the client. Special attention was on load and server availability testing, scenarios of the REST API testing using SOAP UI, and integration with CI Jenkins.

Services provided: Functional, regression, and performance testing.
Tech stack: iOS, Android, Tsung, Jenkins, SOAP UI.

OKQA. Manual mobile and web testing of an HR management system.

HR management system (HRMS), solution for onbording

Goal of the project
Our team was addressed with the task to set up the testing process on the project and provide a working MVP version to the end-users. Since the solution consisted of two components (HR admin panel and mobile app for employees), it was important to examine each of the components separately and system integration in general.

The outcome
To fulfill the assigned task, we've developed two sets of test documentation: a checklist for the verification of each component and end-to-end scenarios for testing the performance of the entire functionality. When working on the project, we have conducted functional testing of web and mobile applications, integration and UI testing; checked the functionality for activity planning during the employee onboarding, the system of roles by departments with different levels of access to the content, performed HR data and analytics testing from the employee app.

Services provided: Test documentation development, functional, UI, integration testing for web and mobile.
Tech stack: Android app, iOS app, Firebase, GitLab.

OKQA. Manual mobile (iOS) testing of a real-time video editor.

Real-time video editor

Goal of the project
Imagine that you have ad and marketing campaigns up and running but still want to make sure that the MPV is ready to meet the wide audience. This is the task our team received for the real-time video editing app. The MVP was about to be launched but required feedback as for its performance. In addition to functional verification, the client asked for a review from the end-users perspective to make sure user journeys are 100% smooth.

The outcome
Our team has developed a set of test documentation for functional testing during which we have verified various combinations of working with video, like its size, duration, video acceleration or slowing-down, correct storing on a device with limited memory. Special attention was paid not only to the live video recording mode but also to the work with already saved recordings in different formats.

Services provided: Test documentation development, functional, UI, integration testing for web and mobile.
Tech stack: Android app, iOS app, Firebase, GitLab.

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