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Turning the Myth of “Bug-Free” Software into an Obvious Reality

With the motive of providing reliable, transparent, and highly effective testing and QA services, OKQA was invented, and its tailor-made QA practices are gaining worldwide recognition, even among its competitors.

Let’s explore how Oleksandr Khobotnia — the CEO and Co-Founder of OKQA, and his team are taking it further to meet market demands and fulfilling their business goals in this exclusive GoodFirms interview.

OKQA. CEO Oleksandr Khobotnia’s Interview for GoodFirms
OKQA. CEO Oleksandr Khobotnia’s Interview for GoodFirms

OKQA began in 2020 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. It operates in the software testing and QA sphere and is ‘more than a testing company.’ OKQA aims to lead the QA world with exceptional abilities and diversified solutions, and its fully-distributed QA team works to build long-term relationships with its clients.

The company provides manual software testing services, dedicates highly qualified teams to help products and service companies, helps set up their QA processes in a team, and delivers QA audit services for various e-commerce projects. It verifies systems’ usability, stability, and functionality and provides a detailed report including the problems incurred and consultation assured.

The Company Foundation, Business Model, and Power to Beat Competition

Oleksandr reveals that OKQA was founded to remove an organization’s headache of solving QA and testing issues and become its dedicated and long-term QA partner. The company relies on its in-house team of QA Engineers from Junior to Senior levels and primarily serves small to medium-sized companies.

He realizes that the company is highly flexible in sourcing reliable specialists for relevant projects in the company. He has also developed their proprietary approach related to two-factor product verification under the surveillance of an experienced QA Manager while testing and managing products.

Unique QA audit services are also conducted for e-commerce solutions making the company different from its competitors in many respects.

Clients and Industries Serviceability

Mr. CEO excitedly described that they cater to eCommerce, IT, social, business, travel and lifestyle, transportation and logistics, startups, and Salesforce-related industries.

A project starts with the team conducting client meetings to understand their requirements and expectations for testing and QA needs. The repetitive client base of the company is 95%, where manual testing for web solutions, QA audit for eCommerce, and other testing activities are implemented by the company’s dedicated QA team.

Moreover, OKQA ranks as the top testing service provider in Ukraine in the GoodFirms ranking list and is constantly building its customer base keeping pace with its exceptional services and testing processes.

Priority is Client Satisfaction

OKQA. Priority is client satisfaction
OKQA. Priority is client satisfaction

He gives full credit to close communication with the customers to know their needs and requirements. It helps in performing better. However, all the testing activities and processes are conducted as per a two-stage testing process under the supervision of a QA manager, ensuring two-tier product verification.

A review displayed below is proof of how the company values its customers.

OKQA. What out clients say about us
OKQA. What out clients say about us

Customer Support

Mr. CEO clarifies that the company diligently treats all software testing-related issues and queries using their or the client’s project management or issue tracking system, depending on the condition. The company also uses helpful tools like Jira, Trello, and Mantis.

Payment System

The payment system in the company also depends upon the project and customer requirements. The company is flexible enough to offer either a fixed cost or payment per milestone, whatever plan is chosen by the client.

However, the budget doesn’t matter if there comes a promising, innovative, and exciting project that can have a revolutionary impact. The preliminary project budget the company accepts is above $1,000 — the projects’ minimum and maximum price range cost between $12 to $25 per hour.

Company’s Goal for the Future

Mr. CEO envisions the team to constantly aim to grow its expertise and specialization in software and hardware quality assurance. He wants the company to become a leader in independent QA audit services. Ideally, he wishes OKQA to be a service company with extensive experience and a clear strategy for its services. He aims to grow their fully distributed team by including highly qualified and skilled manual and automation QA engineers worldwide.

Here, he concludes the interview, which comprises an excerpt of the detailed interview available at the OKQA’s profile page on the GoodFirms website.

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